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Welcome to the Digital Well-Being Lab!

Our sense of well-being is tied to our personal, social, and environmental circumstances. As digital technologies continue to become increasingly integrated into all aspects of our lives, from the way we define ourselves to our daily interactions with others and our environment, it is essential to consider their influence on our well-being.

The Digital Well-Being Lab is led by Dr. Anna Lomanowska and focuses on studying online behaviour and interactions with digital devices to address a key question:

How can we optimise the use of digital technologies to promote well-being?

​Currently active areas of research include the study of virtual intimacy and virtual social touch, the expression and perception of empathy online, and online self-care.

What is digital well-being?

Digital well-being refers to engagement with digital technologies in ways that promote well-being, and the use of digital technologies specifically as tools to enhance well-being.

Issues Relevant to Digital Well-Being
  • Creating and managing our online identity

  • Managing online privacy

  • Striking a balance to avoid compulsive use of digital devices

  • Prosocial versus antisocial behaviour online

  • Online interactions as a source of social support or stress

  • Striking a balance between online and offline social interactions

  • Creating and managing online settings to promote well-being

  • Managing information overload

  • Managing digital application use in work and living spaces

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