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Anna Lomanowska, PhD

Founder & Director

Web CV

I received my PhD in Psychology specializing in Behavioural Neuroscience from the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) and became interested in Cyberpsychology during my postdoctoral training at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada). I am broadly interested in the function of interpersonal physical contact in social interactions and its role in development and well-being. I am currently focusing on studying how individuals use virtual spaces and other digital social technologies to connect and to simulate physical closeness, and the role of these interactions in well-being. 

Frédéric Grondin, BA

Graduate Student

École de psychologie

Université Laval

I'm a graduate student at Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada). In the context of my thesis, I am investigating whether empathy is expressed and perceived in the same way in a face-to-face setting in comparison to a videoconference setting. Additionally, I'm interested in how interacting in cyberspace by means of restricted communication channels impacts how we perceive and reach out to each other. Ultimately, I hope my research will enhance our understanding of the daily impact of cyberspace on the ways we communicate with one another.

Lab Alumni

Una Neskovic - Psychology

Garima Saini - Psychology

Raymond Luong - Psychology

Marigrace Noronha - Psychology

Nada Abou Seif - Psychology

Shaista Malik - Psychology

Aimee Padillo - Psychology

Leah Furyk - Computer Science

Kevin Ojha - Psychology

Maham Zain - Psychology

Filip Fabiszak - Computer Science

Adam S. Sadowski - Psychology

Anderson Ng Ho Yin - Computer Science

Waterloo Undergraduate Thesis Conference
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